How do you find music used on TV shows without watching the episodes?

If you're anything like me and you don't love watching full episodes of every reality TV show or series on television or every single film that uses music, nor do you really have the time because you're busy writing music, then Tunefind will be a really helpful tool for you. You can go onto the site and search in TV shows, movies or games, by artist or even what's trending and just listen to the songs that have been used so you can produce your own music to get closer to what is being used in the industry. I remember one Christmas coming down with the flu and so I decided to watch every episode of Grey's Anatomy at the time till the end of January. There is a great advantage to watching the sync usages with the music and scene together, especially to pick up the emotion of the song and what the producer or music supervisor was going for, granted. Most of the time however you can find the scenes on Youtube with the songs nowadays without having to watch every episode (I am not really a fan of the show lol but I don't regret the time spent before I discovered Tunefind). So one thing we need to be aware of is our time. Tunefind will save a lot of that so you can put it into other places like making more music to put out there into the world. I hope you find Tunefind useful. Write on friends!  


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