"It's rare to find someone with both the ability to pinpoint the exact issues that need to be addressed in music designed for commercial success but to also be able to do it in a way that is positively constructive; that both challenges and encourages one to move forward in a straight line, avoiding pitfalls along the way.  Robbie has been both a coach and a supporter with his desire to see each of us find our niche in this music life journey." - Andrea Neustaeter, artist/songwriter

“I am grateful to have been coached Robbie Hancock.  He has guided me to take the next steps in my music journey by going deep into artist development and career management. Robbie has always provided great advice and tips to help me succeed in today's music industry.” - Prateek Thapa” - artist

If you are looking for some help and guidance in taking that next step towards a music life then you are in the right place.  Sometimes all we need is someone to learn from that is just a bit further down the road.  

I have decided to launch life coach mentor sessions to help guide you towards the music life you want.  Imagine the freedom of doing nothing but music every day.  It is the best feeling in the world and I have been doing it since 2009.  It is not going to be easy, it is going to be a lot of hard work, but the payoff is that you will never have to work for someone else again.  You will be your own boss.  That are what these sessions are all about.  Helping you succeed in becoming what you were born to be.  A full time musician.

Usually and especially nowadays full time musician means pulling from different areas and creating multiple streams to make it happen.  Starting by creating your side hustle and then making it your full time gig is the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself. 

What areas can you create streams of income?

- Music lessons
- Live performances (original ticketed shows, cover gigs at bars, pubs, clubs)
- Licensing your music in Film and Television
- Recording and producing music for others
- Album artwork design
- Digital streaming
and more ...

I am offering weekly one on one sessions to give you someone to check in with on a regular basis so you can keep working towards your musical goals and dreams of the music life full time. All sessions are on zoom so you can connect with me from anywhere in the world. 

How can I help in these sessions?

- Logic Pro screen sharing analyzing and breaking down your songs and instrumentals
- DIY Studio set up in your own space at home
- Songwriting sessions with the current market in mind (Sync, Radio or Artist cuts)
- Sync licensing song and instrumental cue creation
- Music business consulting sessions
- Distribution
and much more ...

How much does it cost?

After the first consultation at regular price the weekly sessions are $75 CAN per hour.  Sessions are paid for by the month and go month to month.

So if you are ready to start working on your music life and any of this speaks to you then please head over and set up a consulting session with me to get started.  Space is limited and I am interested in finding the right people to work with that are serious, hard working and really want the music life.  If this is you then lets talk.  I hope this finds you well.  I look forward to speaking with you.

Robbie Hancock


If you need help scheduling your sessions, please watch the tutorial video on how to book in your appointments using the Acuity scheduler below.