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    "I can't express how grateful I am for the sync consultation sessions I took with Robbie. His valuable input and constructive suggestions led to a complete turnaround in how I was composing and producing tracks, even how my room needed to be set up to obtain the best results. Subsequently, this led to my first contract for a 5 instrumental track library deal. I am so pleased and can't recommend Robbie highly enough. Many Thanks!" - Peter Kirkbride (Film/TV Composer, Dorset, UK)



    Make $Money$ From Placing Your Songs and Instrumentals in Film and Television!

    I can help you get your music ready to pitch, get deals and placements and get paid!  As a full time artist, composer and producer with over 1000 placements in recent films, TV shows and documentaries.  If I can do it, so can you so let's get started today!





    "Robbie has not only produced my songs more professionally and beautifully than I could ever have imagined, he has taught me so much about songwriting and inspired me to take my music to the next level. I can never thank him enough!" -  Rebeccah Jay - Singer-songwriter (Victoria, BC, Canada) 2020 Grand prize winner of the Nashville based Women's Freedom Song Contest

    It is important to me to get to know my clients before we dive into a song.  As a producer I also want to make sure the song is ready for the market before we start recording anything.  That's why pre-production is so important.  I will have a writing session or two with you first to make sure we are on the same page so I can be sure to hit your goals for when you pitch your songs.  I always start with one song.  If all goes well with both parties we can do more.  Let's start with a consultation so I can get to know you and your music.

    You can book a consultation for preferred time slots on my scheduler below based on my current availability to discuss your goals and your songs that you would like to get produced and engineered by me.  I also offer package deals with consulting that we can discuss in session.