(Sync or Swim Music Members Only)


Hello SOS Music members!  please submit your songs or cues below after reading the guidelines and following the instructions. I am looking forward to hearing your music and answering your questions :).

Please make sure your songs and cues are DISCO links via playlist only and for songs include your lyrics in the same link (Please do not paste your lyrics in the form). If you just have questions for me please add those by themselves on the form if that is all you want to submit (Let's limit the questions to 2 per person to be fair to everyone else in the room, I will go in the order of when you submitted and will try and get to everyone).  If you are going for a TAXI listing or you would like some feedback on a return please add a link to the listing if it is live OR paste the listing with live links into a google doc and share that link, make sure the links to any reference tracks are working.  Do NOT paste it into the form .  All I want in the form is links or questions that's it.  Please test your links before you submit. 

I will give you feedback based on my industry experience and my opinion to help you succeed.  This is another way I can give back and pay forward what I have learned to help you get more forwards, deals and placements.  If you have questions about industry etiquette or the business side of the equation, this would be a good place for that too. The more time you give me in advance to look at your material, the more I will be able to give you in the live zoom session.  Thanks and see you at the next Captain's Quarters!