Welcome to the Sync or Swim Music submissions page.  If you are here that means you have been given a link to submit music for purposes of Sync or Swim Music Events or our Clubhouse rooms.  We want to hear your music and give you feedback!  Please make sure you indicate which session you are submitting for with the industry persons name.  Songs and cues will be played from a random number generator.  You must be present to have your songs played. Thank you and we look forward to listening to your music!


Please follow the instructions carefully or your music may not be played and may just be deleted. 

Thanks for your cooperation!

*** Please submit links ONLY.  Submit ONE song OR ONE instrumental cue LINK ONLY for feedback per event industry pro session (If you want to submit for more than one guest speaker then submit the form again and please include their name each time).  We only accepted submissions from BOX, DROPBOX or DISCO ONLY (share as a playlist from Disco even if just one track for DISCO so it has volume control like Box and Dropbox).  All other submissions will be deleted.  Make sure you include the lyrics with your song submission attached to the same link.  DO NOT paste your lyrics into the form below, include them with Box, Dropbox or Disco.  You may include ONE question with your submission about your song or cue.  Thank you for following the guidelines. 

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