“I came to so many realizations during Robbie’s clinic. His analyses and conclusions make so much sense yet had never occurred to me! His kind and gentle sense of humor lightens the time together and he is never boring! I highly recommend his clinics to anyone interested in stepping up their sync recording game!

Leslie Ellis - Grammy award winning vocalist (Nashville, TN, USA)

"No matter how long you’ve been on the Sync journey, there are always several juicy tidbits to be found when you attend one of Robbie’s clinics.  His “sounding contemporary” clinic wowed me with some simple truths:  Playing with your DAW’s eq, compression, and reverb are all ways to make almost anything sound contemporary.  Robbie shows you how he did it, simple clear and great.  Thanks Robbie, nicely done"

Carl Wurzbach - Composer / singer-songwriter (Staten Island, NY, USA)

Welcome to my Sync Clinics!

Hi!  I'm Robbie Hancock and I'm a singer/songwriter, composer and producer with over 1000 placements in TV, Films, Documentaries and Commercials.  You can watch and listen to some of my recent credits HERE

A big part of what I like to do besides making music in the music industry and sync licensing is to give back and pay it forward.  This page is dedicated to clinics that I offer from time to time to help you navigate the sync world and spend some quality time with me in a small group of your sync peers to go over topics to help you become more successful.

I hope you will consider joining us at the next clinic coming up below.  Thanks for your time and looking forward to seeing you online.  Please don't hesitate to send me any questions below before or after you sign up and I will be happy to answer them promptly.  See you soon!


"Robbie is an excellent clinic facilitator and masterful at creating a safe and positive meeting environment. I left the clinic feeling motivated to write more, write better and continue to build my catalogue. I will definitely attend other clinics Robbie will offer on Sync and other music industry topics." -

MIke Regimbal - Producer, Composer, Performer (Victoria BC, Canada)

"Robbie Hancock's clinics are OUTSTANDING! He deep dives into successful cues to explain what works and doesn’t work. He also provides attendees with a realistic look into the world of sync - what to expect, what not to expect.  His insights have helped me navigate a recent licensing opportunity of my own."

- June Biancalana Musician/Composer (Utah, USA)

"Robbie Hancock really knows the industry of music for film / TV. He has been through the process himself -the composing, the learning, the making mistakes, the waiting, the rejections... And also the huge successes! In these clinics, he is willing to share all of this knowledge and he genuinely wants to help other composers. Thanks, Robbie! I learned a lot."

- Veronica Pellegrini, Puerto Rico

"My biggest takeaway was how you used EQ to manipulate  the strings to create an atmospheric sound. I wasn’t able to absorb everything that you taught because it was so packed, but there were so many gems and I loved being able to see what a fellow pianist did to create music that’s had amazing placements!  This gave me confidence to continue building my solo piano and piano/cello library".

- Teporah Bilezikian Singer/songwriter - Baltimore, MD. USA

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