How do you speed up the process to know where your music is being placed on Film and TV?

One of the frustrating things once you start getting your music into libraries and start getting placements is the amount of time that you have to wait to find out from your PRO (performing rights organization) via cue sheets from the production when and where your music was used. 

It could take years to find out about placements that you had and most of the time the library can’t tell you what happened as they may not even know either until the cue sheet comes in.  Even if they do know they are pretty busy and usually don’t have the time to share the info of every placement. Obviously If you’re placing your music directly, that is an advantage once you know what you’re doing with the business side as it speeds up the process with more clarity, (Or more importantly they know that you know what you’re doing) but until you have those connections then most of us start out by getting music into libraries first.  Think of it as like having a business partner that you don’t have to pay upfront and all you have to do is split all or some of your publishing side of the music.  You should always retain 100% of your writers share.  If anyone besides a co-writer asks you for a piece of your writers share, don’t do it and run!  That is just offside in my opinion and I would never do it.

Some of the music library’s also split any upfront sync fees that get paid out as well which is also great.
Tunesat is a great little business and website that can detect in chosen territories when your music its placed real time.  What does this mean? Well for one it’s speeds up the process for you to know where your music is working out there in the world so you can make more of it and more importantly make more of it for those publishers/libraries that are really working and placing your music.  You also get the first 50 uploads of songs or Instrumentals free.  This is a no brainer in my opinion and honestly it’s a good idea soon as you get your music approved to a library to upload your music Tunesat as well.  After the first 50 tracks the price definitely goes up quite a bit as well as if you want more than one territory as you will see on the website. Personally I just stick with 50 tracks and choose wisely. So friends if you’re starting to get your music placed in libraries then check out Tunesat and choose wisely.  The faster we find out about placements the better to really focus on what’s working out there.  Write on friends! 

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