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"Robbie cultivates an environment of authenticity and kindness. He works hard to ensure participants are heard and feel valued. During the course of a Sync or Swim workshop, I had the opportunity to have my music reviewed by two music industry people. I found the feedback to be both practical, sincere but delivered in a professional manner. I look forward to working with Robbie in my future endeavors and am grateful for the community he created."  Jaynee Weber (musical creator/topliner)

"Robbie is super knowledgable, friendly and the event was fully inclusive. I really enjoyed attending the Sync Or Swim Event in May 2022, and met so many likeminded creatives. I was able to learn new things about Sync placements, learn from some of the best in the industry, as well as the chance to network and collaborate!! Thanks so much for having me, I will be back again for sure" Saskhia Menendez (MA International Music Marketing)


"Robbie really understands the sync process from multiple vantage points which I believe is essential when gaining wisdom in a rapidly evolving field.  Sync or Swim Music is a great networking opportunity too!  Very organized, yet casual enough to dive deep into asking questions, sharing art and meeting future creators/collaborators. Genuinely enjoyed my time. Thank you for creating this moment for us." Brit Fox (Award-Winning Songwriter/Producer)

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