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Learn how to earn $ income $ by placing your songs and instrumentals on TV Shows, Films, Documentaries and Commercials!

I can help you get your music ready to pitch, get deals and placements and get paid!  As a full time artist, composer and producer with 2000+ placements in recent films, TV shows and documentaries,  if I can do it, so can you!  So let's get started today! 

Here are a few things I can help you with: Licensing songs and instrumentals, pitching, publishing, music library deals, Logic Pro X coaching, songwriting and composing for sync, finding your genre or niche, getting unstuck, home recording studio set up, artist development, networking, contracts and more!

Check out an interview I did with The Grammy Awards and my take on sync licensing in today's modern music business.


Robbie Hancock is a singer/songwriter, composer, producer and music supervisor with 2000+ placements in film, television, documentary and commercials.  Some of his recent songs and composer credits include music placed on NBC, CBS, ABC, BBC One, Netflix, Amazon Prime more credits

Robbie recently did an interview I did with The Grammy Awards giving his take on sync licensing in today's modern music business.  You can Learn more about the networking and educational community he owns and operates called Sync or Swim Music, which includes membership, focused on giving back and paying it forward to others wanting to get into the sync licensing field of the music industry.  Check out the perks and testimonials and consider joining one of the fastest growing sync licensing communities in the music business today! 



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Please schedule your preferred day and time slots on my appointment scheduler below.  Appointments will be in your time zone and based on my availability.  Payments accepted through Stripe or Paypal.  All appointments will be on the Zoom platform.  If you need help with Zoom please let me know and I can hop to help you after you have booked your first session.  Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in session and helping you on your music journey.

Robbie Hancock

“Robbie is a phenomenal coach!  I personally have had the pleasure working with him online and in person and he really listens to what you want and will guide you to reach all your goals on your musical journey. So knowledgeable and current in the industry!” Reisha Sarek (singer-songwriter)

"It's rare to find someone with both the ability to pinpoint the exact issues that need to be addressed in music designed for commercial success but to also be able to do it in a way that is positively constructive; that both challenges and encourages one to move forward in a straight line, avoiding pitfalls along the way.  Robbie has been both a coach and a supporter with his desire to see each of us find our niche in this music life journey." - Andrea Neustaeter, artist/songwriter