Online Music Lessons

 Lessons online via the Zoom platform in guitar, piano and voice

All ages and levels.  Beginner's welcome!

“I’ve always loved to play the piano right from early childhood and had intermittent times in my adult years of returning to the piano. It was short lived and not terribly productive.  Then, one day I found Robbie Hancock!  On zoom yet!  Robbie is more than my piano coach; he is a ‘key’ person on my team to fulfill a desire of returning to music.  My husband is on that team as well.  He listens and loves the music that fills our home which was one of my many goals.  My team thinks “I’ve come a long way BABY! “ ” - Joel Fair (student)

"Robbie was patient and taught guitar in way that connected my son with a range of different music styles. I admired how Robbie connected to my son in an inspiring way. I am grateful that Robbie imparted the gift of music to my son. Thanks to Robbie’s teaching style, my son learned to play and still continues to hone his skills independently while at University. I know that my sons ability to play the guitar has seen him through the fun and the challenging times of teenage-hood and young adulthood too. Thank you Robbie! Your musical and teaching talent is a true gift to others."”

— Leslie Dee (parent)

Hello, I'm Robbie Hancock and welcome to my online music lessons!

I have always said that I feel like I am bit further down the road.  With time, practice and hard work, anyone can learn to play an instrument or sing.  I have taught over 500 students and counting since 2003 and teaching and coaching for me has always been about giving back and having fun.  I love to pay it forward and that's why I teach you your favorite songs.  When you choose the songs then you practice and you're much more engaged than if I teach you theory all the time or songs from before your grandparents were born.  Learning songs keeps things interesting and exciting not to mention I learn from you at the same time!  Check out the packages below and fill out the contact form to get started today!

I am currently accepting new students all ages and levels (especially beginners) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for all time zones around the world.  I look forward to connecting with you and helping you with your music journey online!


Robbie has been teaching guitar to my son and daughter, and has been a great inspiration to them both. He has gone out of his way to find inspiring ways to keep them into their music, both in person and in video lessons.”

— Bridget Clark (parent)



I offer one on one online classes once a week and would be happy to accommodate your schedule and time zone wherever you are in the world as long as it works for my schedule.  I always start with a 4 lesson package for 30 or 60 minute classes and you can purchase one of those through the links below by credit card.  Schedule and confirm your lessons today!  Just pick your start date for you 4 lessons and time and that is yours every week once you make payment.

*please contact me first to discuss my availability.  Currently I only offer lessons on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so let me know a time that works best for you on those days.


(Zoom highschool songwriting course) Robbie was always professional, punctual, thorough, attentive, prepared, and most importantly showed a sincere concern for my students. Each of our sessions were well-planned and prepared for by Robbie, which made the sessions run smoothly and successfully. Robbie displayed a keen knowledge of music in general, but also of the music industry. My students responded well to Robbie and readily accepted his advice and instruction during their songwriting journey and looked forward to each session with him. For him to take the time that he did with each student, creating an atmosphere of trust and encouragement within themselves, was amazing to watch. I initially had fears that my students would be too timid to share their original songs with each other or that they would poke fun at each other’s work, but Robbie set up the class from the beginning as a place of positivity and encouragement, and every student caught on and responded to each other that way throughout our sessions. I am deeply thankful for Robbie’s time with us. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Robbie and plan to work with him again the future!  ”

— Jessica Divel Highschool Teacher (Cleveland Tennessee)

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