You can hear my music placed in the following networks, documentaries and films.

One of my solo piano pieces placed on CBS Sports.  It is a placement supporting the first black woman to become a brigade commander in the US NAVY. I am honored to have my music under such an important an significant moment in history. Thank you to one of my publishers for doing the work to make this happen. Here is the 2:19 second placement.  The instrumental is called "All That Remains".  Here is the sync placement CLICK HERE

Here is the full instrumental CLICK HERE


"From This Burn" (instrumental) a collaboration with Amanda West was placed on the golf channel on NBC click here to watch and listen starting at 40:47.  Hear the full song

Song placement on the Lifetime channel on A&E in the US on a show called The Baby Factory episode: Alabama. The song is called "Our Side Of The Sun" and is a co-write with Amanda West. It's a heartwarming placement at 1:05 and the link to watch and listen is here Full song here

New placement on Netflix!  Placements on “Rust Valley Restorers” now on Netflix!. Three episodes with the same cue, a swampy acoustic roots instrumental collab with Shayne Green called Railway Reckoning.  Season 1 episode 4 here , episode 5 here., and episode 1 here,  Full cue is here


New placement on AMC on a TV series called "Ride" starring Norman Reedus, cue is called Wolfpack Dusk a collab with Shayne Green on Season 3 episode 6 for about a minute. Watch and listen here listen to the full cue here called Wolfpack Dusk.