Here are some samples of my recent sync placements.  There is a link to watch the sync with start times as well as the full song or instrumental. 

I just found out that I got my instrumental music placed in my first commercial! It is a BMO (bank of Montreal) spot about the Calgary Stampede this past summer and banana pancakes! lol. There is a nice sync fee attached to it as well. This is a collab with my man Shayne Green (tasty banjo man!) called "And They're Off!". Thanks to one of our publishers for making this happen! Enjoying the ride! So grateful, thank you universe and thank you lord!

Here is the spot LINK

and the full instrumental cue Cue





2 of my solo piano instrumental cues were used in the live stream production "One World: Together at Home".  One supporting Alicia Keys speaking you can watch starting at 6:56:26 HERE and the other Priyana Jonas you can watch starting at 7:30:22 HERE

You can listen to the full cues here


Imagine The Possibilities CLICK HERE

I just got a vocal song placement on a TV series in Denmark on one of their biggest Networks on the TV series "Being 29"! My song "Begin With You" was used for 1:30 in a beautiful engagement scene. Thank you to Annalise Curtin for her beautiful background vocal contribution.

Here is the placement CLICK HERE

and the full song CLICK HERE



One of my guitar/piano pieces placed on ABC Nightline.  Here is the 10 second placement starting at :33. CLICK HERE

and here is the full piano and guitar instrumental cue CLICK HERE

One of my solo piano pieces placed on CBS Sports.  It is a placement supporting the first black woman to become a brigade commander in the US NAVY. I am honored to have my music under such an important an significant moment in history.  Here is the 2:19 second placement.  The instrumental is called "All That Remains".  Here is the sync placement CLICK HERE

Here is the full instrumental CLICK HERE