Check out some of my client testimonials, their songs and successes!

Rebeccah Jay

“Robbie has not only produced my songs more professionally and beautifully than I could ever have imagined, he has taught me so much about songwriting and inspired me to take my music to the next level. I can never thank him enough!” Rebeccah Jay - Singer-songwriter (Victoria, BC, Canada)

 Grand prize winner of the Nashville based Women's Freedom Song Contest for her song "Stealing Me Back" recorded and produced by Robbie Hancock.



Bill Perry

"Robbie is a consummate pro with just the right combination of talent, skill, personality, humility and good judgment to be a top-notch producer." Bill Perry - Songwriter (Gaithersburg, MD US)


Congratulations Bill for landing your song "Sunshine Eyes" on an episode of "Young and the Restless"!  David Zimmer on vocal and produced end engineered by Robbie Hancock Music,  Way to go Bill! 


Bill's song "Perfect Friends" recently accepted to high bar music library in Studio City, California.  Recorded and produced by Robbie Hancock.


Most recent production with Bill is being pitched to current sync licensing opportunities.  It's called “So In Love”



Tom Hoy

"It is a real pleasure to work with Robbie! He is very driven to make the best possible production for your song. I have had my song " Love Again “ accepted by a very high bar library in the states and I am very thankful for his talent and choice of singers, to make the best possible outcome. If you want to be successful with your music, go with someone who can make it happen! In other words, go with a sure thing. You won't be disappointed. Also, Robbie is just a very out going, friendly person to work with, which is a big plus in this business!” Tom Hoy - Songwriter (Brantford, Ontario, Canada) 

Tom's song "Love Again" was recently placed in a high bar library in Studio City California, recorded and produced by Robbie Hancock.



Lisa Dunn

"Robbie did a mix and master work for hire on my blues song and both my co-writer and I were extremely happy with the results!  Great balance, full sound and I would recommend Robbie to others that need help getting their songs over the finish line.  I will definitely come back to work with him again.”  Lisa Dunn, singer/songwriter

Here is the mix/master for Lisa's song “A Little Bit” by Robbie Hancock



Cari Lynn York