We have kept the sponsorship simple in how you can support us to be able to grow the company and help more musicians find their ways into sync and music industry by creating channels that really outreach internationally to really make a difference in the lives of those that may not normally have the opportunity.  You can sponsor with ads for your business throughout the weekend with banners, plugs, social network blasts on all of our platforms as well as live interviews with a member of your team online one on one with us during the events talking about your business or products.  If you prefer you can also become a silent sponsor with a donation in the amount of your choice to help us grow the Sync or Swim Community.  Your sponsorship dollars will go towards paying our top tier industry pro guests, paying our hard working team members, advertising and marketing the events, offering workshops, and paying key personal including key management team members, my own salary and volunteer thank you packages.






Sync or Swim Music was founded in June of 2021 by singer/songwriter, composer/producer and owner/operator Robbie Hancock.  Robbie has over 1000 placements in Film, TV, Documentaries and Commercials and reached the point in his career with success in music licensing to start giving back and paying forward, with the help of his mentors and industry pro friends.  ROBBIE'S BIO AND CREDITS

After launching the 1st networking event with over 15 industry pro speakers and 150 attendees he knew he had something special.  Sync or Swim Music has since grown after 3 weekend events to over 500 attendees in total and an email list of over 1000 sync focused songwriters, composers and artists.  Robbie has always led with honestly, kindness and empathy from day 1 and continues to instill a safe online environment that is inclusive and diverse throughout in attendees as well as team members and industry pros. 

Sync or Swim Music is FREE for attendees to participate at the events with registration and to connect with the community social networks that are steadily growing in numbers thanks to the volunteer social networking and marketing teams. 

In order to grow and keep things free for attendees and group members Robbie has turned to fueling the newly registered BC music business through sponsorship dollars, grants and silent sponsors and donations.  If you would like to be a part of this growing innovative company in a new thriving sync licensing sector of the music industry then we have put together some things below where you can.  Thank you so much for your consideration to support and we look forward to connecting with you very soon. 


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