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My Story: Enjoy The Journey  

Back In 2015, before I had my 1st royalty payments, before I received over 1500+ placements for my music around the world and before I became an online music coach/mentor film composer, music producer and music supervisor, I was just a hobo on a train!  At least that's what a group of my new Mennonite friends thought when we were stuck going back and forth on the tracks in the middle of Saskatchewan playing together for the first time and wondering why I was just randomly singing and playing for people on…

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How do you find music used on TV shows without watching the episodes? 

If you're anything like me and you don't love watching full episodes of every reality TV show or series on television or every single film that uses music, nor do you really have the time because you're busy writing music, then Tunefind will be a really helpful tool for you. You can go onto the site and search in TV shows, movies or games, by artist or even what's trending and just listen to the songs that have been used so you can produce your own music to get closer to what is being used in the industry…

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To Pitch Or Not To Pitch - How to know when you're music is ready for Film and TV Sync opportunities 

Hello community! 
First of all what does sync mean as it pertains to the audio and video world?  - Sync (or synchronization) is a process where songs or instrumental cues are combined with moving images – film, TV series, adverts, video games, trailers etc. ... The sync license gives someone the permission to use your composition in a moving picture, subject to contract regulations. 

Film and TV sync has been a thing for a very long time now, it's only more recently it has become a lot more prevalent in…

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How do you speed up the process to know where your music is being placed on Film and TV? 

One of the frustrating things once you start getting your music into libraries and start getting placements is the amount of time that you have to wait to find out from your PRO (performing rights organization) via cue sheets from the production when and where your music was used. 

It could take years to find out about placements that you had and most of the time the library can’t tell you what happened as they may not even know either until the cue sheet comes in.  Even if they do know they are pretty…

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