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“A warm, diverse and inclusive community of songwriters, artists, and composers focused on sync licensing through placing their music on TV, films, ads and other media through education and networking through SOS Music membership, events and mentoring.”

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"Yesterday I attended Robbie's monthly "Captain's Quarters “ (i.e., his office hours) that is included when you become a paid member of SOS.  I wanted his feedback on a track I'd submitted to a TAXI listing which was returned.  Robbie's detailed analysis of the listing and my track was hugely helpful!  It's like having a super talented good friend walk you through the process, and show you exactly what you need to do to succeed!  (Next time I'll get his feedback on a track before submitting it to TAXI!)  Membership in SOS is totally worth the modest amount Robbie charges!  And no, he didn't ask me to do this.  I was just so impressed with the value of the feedback I got yesterday, I wanted to let the world know! ” Donnalyn Kirchner - Sync or Swim Music Member

Join the Sync or Swim Music community mailing list today and schedule a free 15 minute zoom call with one of our members - AND - get our free top 10 sync checklist PDF download! See you in the community. :)

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