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Sync mentor workshops are offered to songwriters, composers and producers that are ready to level up their game to get more sync licensing placements on today's modern media landscape across the globe.  Workshops are a month long with 5 sessions once a week to check in with your mentor (me) Robbie Hancock (2000+ sync licensing placements ABC, NBC, CBS, Netflix, BBC) credits bio.  You must be a Sync or Swim Music paid member to attend these workshops.

Throughout the month you will be workshopping your songs and/or instrumental cues from scratch writing to briefs that I give you then with my guidance songwriting, composing, tracking, editing, tuning, mixing mastering and then pitching your music at broadcast quality.  Check out what one of our members Mark Stone is saying about the month long intensive Mentor Workshops.


Hear what our members are saying

 about our Sync or Swim Music Mentor Workshops!


"I took Robbie's Sync Mentor Workshop in March and it was very helpful! As I write this, I'm in the middle of a real world experience that would not have been possible without his workshop. I saw a listing yesterday and we had a song but it wasn't recorded yet. Because of the workshop I was able to find some references, record the song in the genre needed and submit to the request. This morning I heard back from the sync agent with a few desired changes and after some additional back and forth messages, he sent it to production for consideration. I am beyond excited! If you're considering taking this course, go for it! I think you'll be glad you did. I know I am!"
Karen R Mitchell - Songwriter

March 2024 Mentor Workshop Grads Karen Mitchell and Diane Anderson!


Each week you will get written feedback, assignments for the following week and my help along the way to help you get past the gatekeepers and get your music signed, placed and starting earning, or earn more $ in sync.  If you would like to join the next workshop and you are not a Sync or Swim member yet please sign up as a member first before you purchase your next Mentor Workshop.  Here is what another one of our members Chrissy Roberts has to say about the workshops 


Saturday afternoons in May!

*Price includes membership to our Sync or Swim Music Standard plan!

I'm now launching the 3rd mentor workshop beginning in April (Saturday afternoons at 1pm PT) in which I will be mentoring a small group of Sync or Swim Music members through the intense process of writing to briefs, from scratch. I will then take your songs and cues up to broadcast quality, ready to pitch to the sync music industry. I am ready to give back and pay forward in this way, to those that are ready and serious about the craft of sync writing, composing and recording, with the help from me, an experienced industry pro in the sync licensing field. I now have over 2000+ placements (full bio) (credits) in the past 10 years working in sync licensing and I am constantly studying the contemporary industry to give the libraries, publishers, directors, editors and music supervisors what they are asking for on a regular basis. This is my hope to help you to become better at this craft, as well as producing music at quality, to give the industry what they are asking for.

Each week we will check in on zoom and I will be listening to and reviewing your submissions, as well as giving you feedback and new homework assignments. All this will help you focus on creating music that will have the best chance of getting synced in today's media landscape.

This is a Sync or Swim Music paid member only workshop. This price includes a Standard membership, SO you can register for the workshop and join as a member at the same time. There is a limited number of spots available (maximum of 5 per session). I am also offering the Standard membership at $49 off the regular Standard annual plan (reg $99), so you can dive into membership and right into the workshop at the same time. (Learn more about membership plans and perks here)

Sync or Swim Music Standard membership plan: $99 USD reg - $50 USD = $49 USD today when you sign up for the workshop

Mentor workshop + Sync or Swim Music Standard membership $399 USD

Yes it is an investment, but it is an investment in yourself. If you are anything like me, then you know it can be difficult to navigate the sync industry on your own. Following Youtube videos just doesn't cut it, and courses that cost a fortune where the proprietors don't show up live to help you and answer your questions.

What I am offering for each member, is a more than reasonable price point, to cover my time for the 4 weeks. I DO show up for you every week, for several hours live, to really LISTEN to your music and help you through to the finish line, having songs and cues at broadcast quality, ready to pitch. I will also have some library suggestions for you at the end of the workshop to pitch to, and if I think your cues and songs are ready, I will personally make the introductions to my contacts. I am also available by email to answer your questions as we go and you will get a free 15 minute zoom session, that you can use anytime throughout the workshop, to zoom one on one with me, so I can answer any of your questions.

I had some amazing mentors in the beginning of my journey, from songwriting to music production, producing to contemporary craft study, and it has all brought me to where I am today. I am grateful. I am ready to pass it on. Are you ready to take a leap of faith with me and invest in yourself? I do hope the answer is yes and that I see you at the beginning of the workshop! Please reach out with any questions.

If you are ready to dive into membership and sign up for the mentor workshop with me, you can do so here by choosing which day and time works for you:

Mentor Workshop - Saturdays beginning May 4th at 1pm PT (May 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th)

*Price includes Sync or Swim Music Standard annual membership plan

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Robbie Hancock

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