Sync or Swim Music Event Replays

Welcome to the Sync or Swim Music event videos page where I will be posting select raw unedited zoom session videos from previous events for your viewing pleasure and education.  Many people have been asking for the replay sessions since the beginning of the events and now some of them are now available to you.  I hope you enjoy them and it brings more value and helps you on your sync journeys!  

Below are hours and hours worth of raw footage from the past events and lots of valuable interviews and discussions designed to help you get better, succeed and earn more $ at sync licensing.  All access monthly subscriptions (for event replays) are FREE for SOS Members.  Enjoy the past event replays!


Robbie Hancock


VIDEO 1 - (June 2021)

This was the very 1st session of the 1st event back in June of 2021.  I was nervous, excited and full of energy but had a great time welcoming everyone, talking about what Sync or Swim Music is and working on elevator pitches.  I also interviewed Morgan Mcknight from the Production Music Association (PMA) and she had a ton of information about that organization that have helped me so much in my own career.

*disclaimer - these videos are raw and unedited from zoom so you can get the experience of being there.  Please feel free to skip through to the gold nugget parts.  Thanks for watching!