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Robbie Hancock is a singer-songwriter, composer, producer, music supervisor and sync licensing professional

Robbie Hancock

Hello there!  I am singer/songwriter, composer, music supervisor and music producer with 2000+ placements in film, television, documentary and commercials.  Some of my recent songs and composer credits include music placed on NBC, CBS, ABC, BBC One, Netflix, Amazon Prime … more credits

Check out an interview I did with The Grammy Awards and my take on sync licensing in today's modern music business.  You can Learn more about the networking and educational community I own called Sync or Swim Music membership, focused on giving back and paying it forward to others wanting to get into the sync licensing field of the music industry.  Check out the perks and testimonials and join one of the fastest growing sync licensing communities in the music business today!  

I also offers services to give back to others including coaching, mentoring, consulting, sync licensing workshops, masterclasses, online music lessons and producing songs as well as mix/mastering for sync.

“Robbie is a phenomenal coach!  I personally have had the pleasure working with him online and in person and he really listens to what you want and will guide you to reach all your goals on your musical journey. So knowledgeable and current in the industry!” - Reisha Sarek (singer-songwriter)